Restaurant Architect in Ontario: Restaurant design trends

Are you planning to open a new restaurant in Ontario? A restaurant architect can help you design the perfect space. In the ever-growing world of restaurant architecture, staying updated on the latest design trends is crucial for creating spaces that captivate diners and elevate the dining experience. In this blog, we’ll explore the latest restaurant design trends.


One of the increasingly popular trends in restaurant architecture is technology integration. Technology is pivotal in enhancing the dining experience in today’s digital age. Restaurants increasingly incorporate features such as digital menus, interactive ordering systems, and smartphone apps for reservation and payment. Therefore, the growing contactless generation enjoys smart and technology-driven spaces.

Instagram worthy

Moving steadily into the 21st century, “Instagram-worthy” restaurants are the hype. Restaurant architects in Ontario swear by this trend. The newer generations are more into capturing moments and attention. Therefore, the latest design trend is to make the restaurant space Instagramable. With the return of neon signs and older designs, restaurant design has become quirky and fun. Wallpapers, designated selfie walls, and geometric shapes are the latest trends, and incorporating them into your restaurant will undoubtedly improve your organization.

Biophilic design

Restaurant architects in Ontario are aware of the growing concern for the environment and climate. The rise of biophilic elements in spaces is a result of this concern. Features such as living green walls, indoor gardens, and natural lighting create a sense of contact with nature. The biophilic design creates an aesthetic décor and contributes to a healthier and more enjoyable dining experience for customers. Stoneware tableware continues to be the rage and won’t stop anytime soon. Additionally, wooden vertical slats add a rustic yet modern charm to a restaurant.


In the era of globalization, there’s a growing appreciation for authenticity and local identity in restaurant design. Restaurant architects in Ontario note that restaurants increasingly embrace unique regional aesthetics and cultural influences. From rustic farmhouse style to urban chic cafes, every theme is close to the culture of that place. Authentic materials, traditional craftsmanship and locally sourced artwork contribute to the sense of the place, celebrating local culture and heritage.

Open kitchens

Open kitchens are the new trend in restaurant architecture, and here’s why. Open kitchens serve as a captivating experience for diners. It promotes a more engaging and satisfying experience for guests. In light of recent global events, people have been more cautious about what they eat and drink. Open kitchens allow for transparency and traceability of food.

Moreover, the curiosity about how the food is made is also satiated. It fosters trust and intimate conversation with the chef and the restaurant. Restaurant architect in Ontario have seen this trend grow and often incorporate it into their projects.


Restaurant design trends are constantly evolving. Quadrant Architects, a restaurant architect in Ontario, is aware of the changing needs and preferences of diners. From incorporating technology to celebrating local identity, Quadrant architects embrace innovation and creativity in their architectural designs. Contact us now!